Yeah, well we’re still the same as we’ve always been, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t different.

We’ve rebranded, renamed, relocated, reidentified. But why?

Because we realized that over the history of our company we have redefined what an “agency” can be. We started out with a different business purpose (hence the name Frankel Media Group) than where we find ourselves now (Full Service Agency doesn’t even begin to cover what we do for our clients). But beyond our name, our branding didn’t truly reflect the company we are. This change goes beyond a new name, a new logo, a new website (which we have and we’ll get to in a second) and warrants a deeper dive into who we are.

We put ourselves through the same process we would do for any client– only on a much longer timeline because a) client work comes first and b) COVID had other plans for our plans.

First step is a deep, honest look into our organization, the info, the stories, the anecdotes that reveal the heart and soul of our organization. We found that Frankel, while it started out as a media company, turned publisher, turned ad agency, was never content just placing ads, or making them, designing a new logo, or launching a website. From the first meeting with a client we have an ingrained drive to dive deeper into their business to understand what the true objectives are, what’s really going to move that business forward.

What we do for our clients may be a campaign, or a website, or a logo, but nearly always it runs deeper than that. 

Sure we have account executives, brand strategists, digital specialists, creatives, developers…but at Frankel what we really have are teams of thinkers. People who can do more than their title and can add more to a project than a task on a daily schedule. People who can, yes, execute the thing that’s being asked for, but can also pick their heads up and look at the bigger picture from a business strategy perspective. Why is this important for clients? Because they can rest assured that we aren’t selling them a product based on our service lines, but instead know they are getting a business solution, not just a digital solution, or a brand solution. This meant that we were always doing more for our clients. We were providing more guidance, more leadership, more ideas, more creativity…Thus we arrived at our brand position of Time for More.

Frankel Agency Time for More





Frankel Agency Logo

What’s up with the colon?

Thanks for asking. Simply put, the definition of a colon is: a piece of punctuation used to give emphasis, present dialog, connect two sides of a ratio, introduce, and clarify. And at Frankel that’s exactly what we do.

Visually it provides a clear sense of our relationship with everything we do. Frankel being on the one side of the ratio, but an open ended second half that leaves open limitless possibilities into our partnerships, our services, our people. Because it’s never Frankel operating in a silo in some ivory tower casting down creative or strategic solutions to the huddled masses. It’s always been us and our clients, shoulder to shoulder, working together to create effective business solutions. It’s a balance between Frankel and our clients. Frankel and the industries we serve. Frankel and the services we provide.

  • Frankel Agency Values
  • Frankel Agency Creative
  • Frankel Agency Creative
  • Frankel Agency Account Services

    Admittedly, building out the rest of our brand voice and visuals was a slog. A year-plus COVID delay and plenty of fine tuning went into us arriving at this very site you’re perusing today. We launch our new site as the showcase of our company, our people, our brand, and the work we’ve produced to help clients be more successful in their own endeavors.

    Frankel Agency Website

    new digs!

    During this time we also found ourselves too big for what’s now our old office, and set out to build an office that would suit our working style and reflect the company we are. Open, sophisticated, fun and engaging.

    • Level Design and Co
    • Level Design and Co
    • Level Design and Co
    • Level Design and Co
    • Level Design and Co
    • Level Design and Co

    So what does this mean?
    What has changed?

    Ultimately not much has really changed; we got a face lift, we talk about ourselves a little differently, work in a new office, but the DNA is still the same as it’s ever been. We’re still the same get-it-done agency who shows up for our clients everyday. Who provides real support and real opportunity for our people. And who gives a damn for the people we work for and work with.

    Thanks for stopping by! Take a look through the rest of the site, get in touch with us, and let’s see what more can mean for you.

    ph: 352.331.5558
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