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You could call us an ad agency, but you’d only be getting it half right. because yes we produce ads (and digital, and social, and branding…) But what are we really? We are the stop-at-nothing, work-with-you-side-by-side, grow-your-business, move-your-mission-forward agency. So when you need to move your business’ needle you may think you only need a glitzy ad campaign, so you could hire a traditional agency,
It doesn’t matter if you give us a million-dollar budget or a gumball and a paperclip, we’re going to maximize your resources.
— Ryan Frankel, Founder/President

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what the F: is Frankel?

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Getting to know your business inside and out. Moving quickly. Leading with strategy and creativity. And delivering good value that fuels your business. That’s Frankel.

Of course, we can design a logo, write a press release, build a website, launch a digital campaign, or rebrand your organization. A lot of others can too. These things are the commodities of today’s agencies.

What we do extremely well, is identify whether the thing you called us about – you know… the logo, press release, website, digital campaign, rebrand – is really going to be the thing that moves your business forward.

Our real selling point, why we have been wildly successful for our clients for nearly 20 years, is that our entire team has a deep and diverse skill set in marketing, digital, media, communications and design – as well as business strategy – so our clients can have faith they will get a business solution rather than just an ad campaign.


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    Frankel has a unique diversity of talent, here is the group that leads our more than 35 in-house experts.

    We like to think of them as Swiss Army Knives or our Seal Team Six (the non-violent kind) who can handle anything and guide their teams to success for our clients. Of course, their job is a little easier because they’re quarterbacking a roster of talented experts who’ve worked together to grow some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

    Ryan Frankel

    Ashleigh Flanders
    Vice President

    Alana Christou
    Director of Talent & Operations

    Walton Dale
    Creative Director

    TJ Aseltyne
    Director of Brand Voice

    Catherine DiVeta, PMP
    Director of Client Operations

    ph: 352.331.5558
    5001 Celebration Pointe Ave
    Ste 520
    Gainesville, FL 32608