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Diverse Ideas for a Diverse Group of Experts.
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Accounting & Business Advisory Firm
Ocala, Daytona, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Deland
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The Need

After 55 years, James Moore & Company had grown from a team of just three to over 250 employees. With each new person came a different perspective, experience, and opinion – an individuality that they value and celebrate. This wealth of diversity is how they’ve come to stand apart from the industry, and it was time for their branding to reflect it too. 

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Our Approach

Develop a brand that’s intrinsically James Moore. Show how their diversity of people and expertise makes their business solutions unexpected yet highly effective. James Moore is the ideal partner for businesses, organizations, and nonprofits – and now we have their attention.

James Moore Construction

Owning the Truth

While the Frankel branding process follows a common approach, we never arrive at the same place for any two clients. That’s because we spend time researching, digging and mining for stories and data to ultimately arrive at core truths for our branding clients. In James Moore’s case it was an undeniable commitment to celebrating their differences rather than pushing to fit into the mold of a traditional accounting firm. James Moore embraced the individuality of their staff and encouraged their unique approach to problem-solving for their clients. They ultimately understood that the more diverse the perspectives at the table, the stronger the outcomes. Once we had that understanding in our pocket we went to work.

Brand position

The first piece is distilling that big idea into a single, ownable statement. Something that serves as the true north for the brand:

Brand Identity

As a reflection of the personality driven approach, the brand identity starts with a handwritten monogram of the companies initials, paired with a bold wordmark. But to further explore the brand’s unconventional nature, a dynamic logo system was developed to allow for different colorways of the core logo to be used when speaking to different audiences, a spectrum of personality if you will.

James Moore old new Logo
James More Logo

Brand Voice and Visual Identity

While a logo might be the most ubiquitous part of a brand, it’s the visual and verbal identity that truly leave a lasting impression. In order to fully convey the sense of James Moore, a visual identity that pops with color and unexpected visual treatments is paired with a straightforward voice that’s full of personality and character. This was applied to numerous touchpoints for the brand including a new website, new print collateral, an anthem video and environmental graphics for the company’s growing number of offices.

James Moore Quote
We don’t let our clients or each other down. But our hair...that’s another story.
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James Moore Device Mockup
James Moore Case Study Mockup

A Brand that Speaks to Many

James Moore, like many companies, has needs to communicate with multiple audiences and the new brand provides a wide-enough footprint to effectively speak to existing and prospective clients in the buttoned up world of government agencies as well as the casual and conversational tone necessary to reach prospective Gen-Z employees.


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Recruiting collateral for prospective hires

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