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When Occidental Management asked us to partner on the gargantuan task of reimagining the former Sprint Campus headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, we knew an aspirational rebrand was crucial to its success. Beginning with a renaming effort all they way through a new brand we worked to establish the property as a premier destination for companies and residents whose ambition knows no bounds. This work took home Silver, Graphis Design Annual 2022, and got us fired, but that’s another story.


The brand identity system offered flexibility and a dynamic usage for the logomark, all built around the strength of a multifaceted skyward-pointing triangle.

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  • Aspiria Logo
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Leasing Support

A leasing brochure was developed to introduce prospective tenants to the project.

  • Aspiria Brochure Cover
  • Aspiria Brochure
  • Aspiria Brochure
  • Aspiria Brochure

Field Guide

Brochure introducing the new brand to internal and external audiences.

Aspiria Field Guide Spread

Unique opportunities were found to apply the brand identity around campus to solidify the new name and logo.

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  • Aspiria Office
  • Aspiria Office
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