Alachua County Animal Resources

Alachua County Animal Resources

There’s always a need for people within the community to adopt cats and dogs. But how do we move them to action? With this heavily digital campaign, we approached the need from a few directions. Pets bring a lot of fun into our lives, they also provide much needed emotional support, but it’s also important to find a pet that matches your lifestyle – we covered it all.

Your Best Friend Is Waiting

There’s no doubt that pets are bursting with personality, and soon become our best friends. This colorful part of the campaign paints a fun and hopeful picture of the various personality types waiting to befriend you.

More Than a Pet

It would be an understatement to say that pets provide us with much needed love and support. Their presence can make all the difference. Adoption isn’t just about caring for a pet, sometimes they take care of you, too.

It's a Match

A playful way to personalize the adoption process – we created ads to match up potential adopters with pets.

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