What Does Your Brand Have To Say?

August 22, 2023

The Power of Brand Voice: Developing a Unique Verbal Identity

As copywriters, we have the privilege of crafting compelling content for various purposes – from website copy to captivating advertisements. But to truly make an impact and create an unforgettable brand that speaks authentically, we must dive deep into the heart of the brand itself, unearthing its distinct voice – a process that begins during the brand development stage.

So, what exactly is a brand voice? It’s how a brand sounds when communicating with its audience. It is but one component of a larger deliverable we work to create with clients. 

A verbal identity outlines the larger picture for what the brand has to say, how they’re going to say it, and why it’s important for someone to hear their message. We create the essential components that distinguish your brand from the competition. To cultivate this unique verbal identity, we embark on a journey of discovery, understanding who the brand is at its core and who it aspires to become.


To begin, we engage in discovery sessions and research, employing questionnaires and focus groups to better comprehend the brand’s persona, its present and desired identity. This process lays the groundwork for building a bridge to the client’s desired brand rather than simply reflecting a mirror of their current state. We ask questions to better understand the brand’s personality. Questions like: what car they would drive or what label would they be given within their friend group? This gives us the context we need to establish a direction for the brand.

Brand Platform

Next comes the creation of the Brand Platform, which consists of 4 essential elements: 1. Brand Purpose. 2. Brand Position. 3. Brand Values. 4. Brand Story These components resonate with what the client wishes to convey, forming the cornerstone of their brand identity. The Brand Platform itself becomes the guiding foundation that informs everything we create for that brand. 

Brand Purpose delves into the brand’s place in the world, the value it brings, and what success looks like for both the brand and its company. 

The Brand Position is  an opportunity to encapsulate the brand’s essence, its unique proposition to the world. While somewhat more creative, it serves as a multi-layered statement that the whole brand can ladder up to.

Brand Values reflect the brand’s uniqueness, its core principles, and how it delivers on its purpose. These values are instrumental in shaping content creation and represent different aspects of the brand. Think of the values as lenses in which to frame our communications as each value applies to different aspects of the brand and has relevance to different audiences. It’s best to only use one or two values per communication to ensure clarity.

The Brand Story becomes a guiding narrative for the brand. It takes everything we’ve heard so far and puts it into one, creative story that would give context to anyone looking at the brand platform for the first time. It brings the brand to life and is a colorful precursor to the verbal identity we’ll create.

Verbal Identity

At this point, this is where the copywriters and designers put their separate talents to work. The writers work on creating the verbal identity, while the designers build a stunning visual identity. (We’ll save visual identity for a another blog)

Our goal for the brand is to create a personality people want to engage with. If you sound like everyone else, why would someone buy into your product or service? What you say and how you say it help your company to cut through the noise.

In your Verbal Identity, you will find many components to outline your Brand’s Personality. We include a vivid narrative that illustrates the brand’s personality and approach to life. It encapsulates who the brand is as a person, what motivates them, and what makes them someone that the audience wants to connect with. 

As we delve deeper, we identify Tone Words that describe how the brand sounds to its audience. This isn’t the entirety of the brand’s verbal identity but serves as an important aspect of it. The tone can vary depending on the audience and context, from being casual and relational to more formal and professional.

The Power Of Your Brand’s Voice

But this is only the beginning. The verbal identity extends its influence across all aspects of brand communication. From e-mail copy to scripts and even elevator pitches, the Verbal Identity of your brand resonates through every interaction with the audience.

Ultimately, the power of a brand voice lies in its ability to resonate with the audience, forging a meaningful connection that transcends mere product or service. By investing in the development of a unique and compelling verbal identity, a brand can elevate its presence, leaving an indelible impression on its customers. As we continue to refine and explore the brand’s voice, we unlock its full potential, building a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace and leaves a lasting impact for years to come.

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