The Benefits of Working with an Account Manager

March 9, 2022

Account managers are an essential part of any successful marketing team. An agency account manager, and the account management services they provide, act as a liaison between the client as well as the marketing and sales teams. They help to ensure that campaigns run smoothly and that goals are met. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of working with an account manager like those on the team here at Frankel. 

What Does an Account Manager Do?

In many industries, once a sale is made the relationship effectively ends. In marketing, however, it’s the agency account manager’s job to maintain and continuously develop the client-agency relationship through upsells, cross-sells and contract renewals. Account managers must be able to adapt quickly and learn about each client’s needs in order to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. Agency account managers are tasked with being part expert communicator, part customer support, part project manager, part liaison between the marketing team that does the work and the client, and part marketing coordinator, stepping in to help out wherever needed. 

Benefits of Having an Account Manager On Your Side

Ultimately, agency account management works for the client. If the client needs assistance, wants to make a change, or asks about performance, account management is there to provide support and get answers. As a client, there are several reasons why you want to have an account manager on your side. 

Regular Communication

Great communication can make all the difference in any relationship, and it’s especially true for clients. The best account managers communicate important information regularly and work to prevent communication breakdowns. They set clear expectations, communication goals, strategies and successes, and work quickly to resolve any conflicts. 

At Frankel, we take client communication seriously, working hard to make sure our clients are always in the loop. A major aspect of this is communication, and we’re always communicating with the client and our team. It’s imperative for a successful relationship. 

Create and Maintain Positive Relationships

Strategic account management partnerships are more than just one person. The account manager works together with a myriad of teams to keep everyone informed and all the elements running smoothly, from the sales team to those who do the work on the marketing team and even the executives. Working together with all these moving parts is where the account manager thrives. 

Client Success Roadmaps

Once a client signs on with Frankel, each account manager creates a Client Success Roadmap to manage the relationship. This roadmap outlines when communication and messaging will happen with the client and the marketing team, as well as clear scheduling needs. It serves to keep everyone on the same page, leading to a clear vision of client success. 

Agency account managers are essential members of any marketing team. They act as the liaison between clients and internal teams, develop and maintain relationships with clients, communicate effectively with all parties, and oversee client success. Paired with our account management services, our team of experienced account managers will help you achieve your marketing goals while providing you with regular communication, positive relationships and a roadmap to success. Contact us today to get started on your marketing journey!


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