Kick-A$$ Events Helps You Shine!

June 24, 2022

No other form of marketing can compete with an event. Not an Instagram quiz. Not a TikTok video. Not even a Super Bowl commercial. At an in-person event, you can surround your audience with sights, sounds, and experiences that promote your brand and leave a long-lasting impression that’ll boost your business. But making it happen isn’t always easy. 

Event development and event marketing all begin with a series of questions. Who do I want to attract? How do I get them to show up? What type of engagements will create traction and move the needle? Finding the answers and putting on a dynamite show is what we at Frankel do best. For over 17 years, we’ve been considered the top event marketing company in Gainesville, FL. And our event marketing services will help your business strategize for any upcoming event and ensure it runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Events Strengthen Brands

You know your brand is more than just your name and logo. It’s the thing people think about and respond to whenever your business is mentioned. It encapsulates your values, history, and reputation. An event is a way to show a new side of your brand and tell your story one-to-one. If your gathering is as awesome as possible, your brand only gets stronger. But you gotta get the right people there, which makes event marketing so critical. Fortunately, Frankel can dream it up and get your ideal audience to show up.  

What Event Is Right For You?

Not every client needs to put on a concert with Beyoncé performing. (But if you do, we’re all in!) There are many different types of events, including virtual and live variations, that’ll cast a new and powerful light on your brand. 

Virtual Events

The COVID era has brought online events to the forefront. They’re way less costly and are perfect if you’re doing a presentation, discussion, or talk. That’s not to say you’re limited to those formats as a growing number of virtual events have included everything from art shows and concerts to networking, educational workshops, and live-streamed events. We can show you a variety of platforms to make an online experience more personable and easier to navigate. 

In-Person Events

There’s no substitute for face-to-face, in-person time with your audience. Hosting a live, in-the-flesh event gives you the opportunity to gauge responses, gather immediate feedback, and build a genuine rapport with your customers or clients. Whether it’s an annual conference, shareholder meeting, fundraiser, golf event, trade show, product launch, executive retreat, groundbreaking ceremony, customer appreciation, or other events, we’ll figure out what’s right for you and pull it off spectacularly!

Trade Shows

Want to showcase your brand to a large audience? A trade show is just the thing. It’s an excellent opportunity to network with other organizations in your industry and expand your business. But you gotta make sure your booth design is stellar and your booth strategy is well thought out. Both of which are two of our strong points. 

Annual Conferences and Shareholder Meetings

What’s better than having a captive audience? Making a big splash with that captive audience. An annual conference or shareholder meeting allows you to do just that. From presentations that jump off the screen to dynamic speakers that inspire your attendees, we can create and source just what you need. And if there’s an opportunity for some PR buzz, we can help with that too.

Executive Retreats

Sure, you want to impress your customers and clients, but don’t forget about your co-workers. Holding an engaging executive retreat goes a long way to building trust and confidence. From events that are half a day to one week-long, Frankel has the experience to get your troops fired up and marching in the same direction.

Experiential Marketing

Perhaps the ultimate form of brand immersion is experiential marketing. From taking a blind taste test to sitting in a vehicle filled with the new car smell to putting on an Oculus headset and playing the latest video game, you create memorable experiences that will have lasting impact. 

Marketing Events: Digital and Traditional

We hear it a lot. “How am I going to get people to register and make this event a super success?” At Frankel, we know how to get the word out. How to find your audience through digital or traditional channels and drive them to your event. Whether it’s social media promotion via organic posts and paid ads linking to an event page or programmatic marketing in multiple mediums showing event ads to targeted audiences, most of the promotion is done digitally. And Frankel has a team dedicated exclusively to digital marketing. But we also understand the role traditional marketing plays, from radio to TV to print to press releases. We take a well-rounded approach yet cost-effective approach to promoting your event.

Why Work With Frankel?

When you need event development and marketing services, having an experienced team behind you is critical to your campaign’s success. At Frankel, our event marketing solutions and in-house resources mean we can handle everything from start to finish, or just focus on one aspect. It saves you time and money, and our services give you the ability to focus on your business while we handle the event details. 

Our Event Marketing Services

Our team offers a wide range of services to help you plan and execute successful events. Our services include: 

  • Conference and Event Branding
  • Program Development
  • Timeline and Run of Show Development
  • Vendor Management
  • Collateral Design
  • Event Marketing and Promotion

Flexible packages let you choose the number of steps that go into your event, too. From basic packages like creation of event brand and logo, invitations, and website landing page, to more involved packages that see us designing collateral materials, running the event, marketing it through digital channels, and booking speakers, Frankel can handle anything you need. 

An awesome event is a big win for your brand. Let us help make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about the types of services we offer or about our event marketing services. You see why Frankel is the best event marketing company in Gainesville, FL. We can’t wait to create your unforgettable event! 

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