GameDay Vodka – The Winning Play

April 11, 2022

Put on your team’s colors and get your game face ready. We’re chatting with GameDay Vodka’s VP of Marketing, Charles Nieves, to learn more about the history of the company, what they’re up to now and their winning play for the future.

If you aren’t already familiar with this fan favorite, we’ll let Charles do the talking. “GameDay is for each and every fan. That’s why in addition to our staple Icon Black bottle, we offer over fifteen bottle colorways that align with various sports teams across the country. But connecting with fan passion is not where it stops. GameDay also has a really good vodka, finished with a patented process that makes it the smoothest in the game.” We can attest to that.

Icon Black Bottle

The company was founded by Zach David when he realized there was a void in the wine & spirits space. Charles shares that they’re “the first and only sports spirits brand to cater to the over 200 million sports fans in the U.S.” Now they’re the official partner of over 14 different teams, including UF, Texas A&M and The New England Patriots. 

Here at Frankel, we’ve worked with GameDay Vodka and have witnessed their lively workplace culture. Charles leads his team in a way that truly reflects the spirit of the game. “GameDay has a dynamic work culture that mimics its brand personality. We’re not afraid to hit the streets, get our hands dirty, and put in the work. On the other hand, don’t be shocked when we SPIKE the ball and do our touchdown dance.”

GameDay at Celebration Pointe

And when it comes to describing what success looks like for the company, he describes it as, “the freedom to bring your genuine self to the job. Not just what society deems professional or the norm. When you can be 100% “you” in a workspace, you’ll bring an unwavering commitment and authenticity to the role. In my opinion, only at that point can you be successful.”

Yes, their tactics line up with the relentless spirit of any athlete or fan. Ten years of hands-on marketing experience and two graduate degrees later, he’s learned to take bold chances, fail fast, and find your passion. “Swing for the fences!” He encourages.

So, what does the future of GameDay vodka look like?

“It looks like the broad adoption of GameDay. We’re building a lifestyle brand. It’s going to be exciting watching it grow into THE sports brand for all fans across the country.” 

Watching Gameday grow? It sounds like a win-win situation.

Learn more about GameDay at

ph: 352.331.5558
5001 Celebration Pointe Ave
Ste 520
Gainesville, FL 32608